SEO Can Drive Mobile Commerce Sales

January 3, 2012 | mobile commerce

Online retailers are busy totaling their 2011 holiday sales, and will soon be taking that data back to their marketing teams, wondering how they can extract more sales for 2012. One channel that got attention this year, and deserves even more next year, is mobile commerce.


SEO is a key factor in making mobile commerce more profitable, for the simple reason that search engines make an online retailer more accessible to potential customers. This is one area where building an app simply won’t cut it, because unless you’re a top retail brand, your potential customers don’t know who you are. The one thing they do know – the thing that search capitalizes on – is what they want to buy from you.

To that end, I just wrapped-up a series of articles on Search Engine Land, describing some of the factors that can help a mobile storefront become more successful in SEO:

Mobile Search Strategies For Online Retail
A introduction to the keyphrase research process for online retailers who are trying to address a mobile audience.

The Mobile Content Dilemma: Brevity Vs. Optimization
How do we reconcile the need for brevity on a mobile screen, with the need to provide lots of keyword-rich content?

Tips For Optimizing Content In Mobile Commerce SEO
A deep dive on the process for evaluating and improving product descriptions for a mobile retail site.

Much more to come on this topic!

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